The City of North Bay's prime location is one factor in the significant growth of local business and industry. Historically considered the “Gateway to the North”, North Bay is ideally located at the crossroads of trans-continental highways, railways, air and fibre-optic routes and provides a link to the north, south, east and west for transportation and communication activities. These excellent connections to other markets ensure the rapid and economical transportation of people, products and raw materials.

North Bay is strategically located just three and a half hours from major Ontario centres such as Toronto and Ottawa and a short distance to U.S. markets.

The advantage of North Bay’s location benefits and gives your business a competitive edge. Close proximity to major centres, available land, accessible markets and a great lifestyle are all realized in North Bay.


The following provides the average North Bay temperatures for each season based on a sampling period covering 30 years provided by The Weather Network.

Average seasonal temperatures

Metric December – March April – June July – August September - November
Average - 9 ºC/ 15 ºF 10 ºC/50 ºF 18 ºC/65 ºF 6 ºC/43 ºF
Average High 5 ºC/41 ºF 15 ºC/59 ºF 23 ºC/74 ºF 10 ºC/50 ºF
Average Low -14 ºC/6.8 ºF 5 ºC/41 ºF 13 ºC/55 ºF 2 ºC/36 ºF

Average Precipitation

Metric Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Monthly rainfall (mm) 17 10 32 51 86 95 100 100 113 92 59 20
Monthly snowfall (cm) 63 52 38 16 2 0 0 0 0 5 35 61
Getting around

Situated between Lake Nipissing and Trout Lake, North Bay’s average commute time of 15 minutes allows residents more time to enjoy leisure activities and the natural beauty of the area.